Who is Going Paperless?



A bit of history…


Before computers, information was shared via word-of-mouth and on paper. After computers (and the advent of the printer), even more information was shared on paper. As computer technology advanced, however, people began to realize the benefits of having information in electronic form. The ability to access, share, distribute, and store electronic information revolutionized business.


The early adopters of paperless technologies were Multinational Corporations. Sharing paper information across the globe was expensive and cumbersome, and they stood to realize a quick ROI. Furthermore, early technologies were expensive to develop and multinational corporations were the only companies that had the necessary resources to invest. With paperless technologies, big business was able to grow like they never could before!


As a result, people believe that Going Paperless is incredibly expensive and that you have to be a large company to realize the returns.


Fast forward to today


Businesses, offices, and departments still don’t have unlimited resources, but technology evolves at a very fast past. With every new generation, costs drop, making better technology available to the masses. Today, paperless technology has reached a point that makes it affordable and easy for companies of all sizes to Go Paperless:

  1. Single person business
  2. Home Office
  3. Small & Medium businesses
  4. Individual Departments
  5. Professional Services business
  6. Large Enterprise

Ask yourself this: Are you competing against a paperless company right now?


We have been paperless since 1996 and have provided solutions to hundreds of companies, of all sizes, to do the same. No matter if you have a single paper intensive department, document-related legal requirements, or are frustrated with the endless flow of paper over your desk, we have a solution that is right for you. We’ve helped our customers understand the value that electronic information delivers and to make the decision to realize these gains.


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