What is Going Paperless?



In absolute terms, Going Paperless means reducing the percentage (%) of information that resides on paper in your company or office to Zero. Going Paperless is an exciting process that revolutionizes the way you and your company work on a daily basis. Though you may have a paper mountain to climb, we make it like a stroll through the woods.


The funny thing about Going Paperless is that it has very little to do with paper in the end. In reality, Going Paperless is all about the information, not the piece of paper on which it is written or printed.


Paper doesn’t show up out of thin air, nor does it vanish into thin air. There is a purpose to each sheet, and that purpose is information. The “old way” of doing business meant that information was on paper. If you are still operating like this, you’ll become the same in no time: OLD.


The "new way" is having all of your information in electronic form. You can see everyone going paperless around you each and every day:

  1. Paperless magazines
  2. Paperless bank statements
  3. Paperless invoices
  4. Paperless efax

You get the point. The list goes on and the companies that have gone paperless are experiencing the benefits on a daily basis. Managing and storing your electronic information is more cost-effective, saving you time and money over the "old way."


Going Paperless may be a new concept to you, which can be intimidating. We break it down into very manageable pieces:

  1. Transform your existing paper into electronic information
  2. Transform your ongoing flow of paper (external) into electronic information in real-time
  3. Convert your paper intensive processes (internal) into electronic information workflows

We apply top-down thinking to break up each task into easier and manageable executable items. It’s unconventional thinking for a very conventional problem. Whether you are by yourself, or have an entire team, you will feel a transformation in your company starting the moment you begin to Go Paperless.


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