Our live Online Workshops are perfect for Companies, Managers, or Individuals that are looking to implement a document management or paperless office solution. Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars, spend a few hours in our online workshops gaining the knowledge you need to ask the right questions and make the best decisions.


A paperless office is 10% tools and 90% knowledge and processes. That’s why we bundle our live online workship webinars into every Packaged Solution that we sell. We position you for success with your Document Management and Paperless Office projects by presenting the foundations and fundamentals, then showing you how to apply them to your office.


The Power of Paperless live online workshops focus on one of four topics, covering the strategy and the tactics necessary to successfully implement "Paperless" in your office. Each step is 1.5 hours and each workshop is offered every week. We recommend taking them sequentially but you choose when to attend.



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*One complete “The Power of Paperless” online workshop is bundled with all of our Packaged Solutions, at a discounted price of only $199

* Classes are 1.5 hours and each webinar is offered every week, you choose when to attend at your own convenience