Overview: Delivering accurate payments to your vendors on time is your primary focus.


Reduce Invoice Retrieval Costs   Accelerate Approval Process
Streamline Audits   Guarantee Payment Accuracy
Eliminate Courier Fees   Reducing/ Eliminating Space


     Problem: Labor and time required to retrieve invoices


When others need information about a vendor invoice, retrieval costs can quickly soar if that invoice is not accessible or easy to locate. This means that when payment disputes or exceptions arise, audits occur, or references are needed for re-ordering, warranty, or asset management information, you could be wasting valuable time and money if the document is in paper form.


At the end of your process, scan and index your documents for quick and easy retrieval down the road. Instantly pull an obscure invoice from an invoice number, vendor name, purchase order, or any other field you prefer.


     Problem: Payment Review and Approval Process


Your invoices enter your AP department from a variety of vendors, in a variety of forms, from various locations throughout your organization. Routing invoices to the appropriate person for approval can be cumbersome and costly if the document is in paper form.


Transform the efficiency of your AP System by digitizing your invoices at the point of arrival in your organization. Seamlessly route the document to HQ and through your approval process electronically. This makes reviewing and approving invoices not associated with a purchase order easier because you are able to quickly connect and communicate the transaction better with the person who made the purchase. At the end of the process, your invoice is already archived for later retrieval.


     Problem: Payment Data Entry


The average cost of processing an invoice is $75. Extracting information from a paper invoice for payment decreases your productivity and increases your chances for error. With an AP Document Management System you can quickly key-in data from an image on your screen. Better yet, drag-and-drop or auto-populate field information using OCR technology. Attach PO and Receipt information as checks and balances to eliminate errors during data population. Integrate your Accounting and/or ERP system to realize even greater efficiencies.


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