EchoStone Inc. is the premier provider of paperless office solutions including products and services related to document scanning, management, and distribution. We help clients of varied industries leverage computer based technologies to achieve a more efficient work flow and overall better work experience by "making people paperless."

The privately owned Charlotte, North Carolina based company was founded in 1996 by the current President and CEO Tom Bojarski. Since then, EchoStone has provided products and services across the globe to countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Mexico, and South Africa.

Our services range from all-in-one packaged solutions to fully customizable solutions that fit every size company and budget. With every solution you purchase from EchoStone it is our goal that you will:

  1. Achieve a return on investment in 7 months or less.
  2. Create a solid platform to build on to realize even greater efficiencies over time.

EchoStone isn't just looking to earn your business; we are looking to become and remain your trusted business advisor. By continually exceeding your expectations every time, we strive to achieve nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Our responsive, agile, and adaptive approach makes doing business with us easy and enjoyable. With our dedicated team of customer service professionals, you can be assured that on-going support will be readily available where and when you need it.

Want to join the hundreds of other customers who are realizing the power of paperless? Contact EchoStone today.



The EchoStone Team